Zebra’s latest Warehousing Vision Study and the need to keep up with e-commerce demands

Zebra’s latest Warehousing Vision Study surveyed over 1,400 IT and Operational Decision-Makers to assess the present and future state of warehouse operations and the findings identify the need to keep up with e-commerce demands:

  • Increase speed, accuracy & efficiency through labour optimisation: 80% agree that over the next five years, new technology is needed to be competitive in the on-demand economy.
  • Get the most from modernised Warehouse Management Systems: 89% of organisations surveyed will be using WMS functionality for labour planning and management by 2024.
  • Map a plan to maximise data-driven performance: 77% agree that they need to modernise, they are admittedly slow to implement new devices and technologies.

Ryan Martin, Principal Analyst at tech market advisory firm, ABI Research, had this to say about the study:

“The Zebra 2024 Warehousing Vision Study validates the explosive growth in warehousing automation technology. Warehousing and logistics are driven by the promise of just-in-time service delivery and the desire for first-time right results. To achieve these goals, IT and operations decision makers are making big bets on tech-led initiatives to transform their business, and they are taking their customers and partners with them. These bets include everything from wearable bar code scanners and smart glasses to robotics, analytics, and AI.

“The net effect of increased investment in connected, workforce-enabling technologies is a higher degree of automation across the organisation. This is particularly notable as ABI Research forecasts there will be almost 60,000 new warehouses globally by 2025.”


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