Water care specialists to streamline operations with SAP Business One

Construction industry can benefitThe IIS Group is delighted to have been selected to provide the market-leading ERP solution SAP Business One and selected modules from the B1 Apps range by European WaterCare Systems Ltd.

The Essex-based company will now receive SAP Business One, complemented by modules from the IIS Group B1 Apps range, alongside associated services and award-winning support.

The new solution will provide the manufacturer with an end-to-end business management system to replace a series of disparate programs and integrate different departments within the organisation.

Morgan Browne, Chief Executive, IIS Group, said the new solution would provide a platform for sustained growth for the water care specialist.

He commented: ‘The IIS Group is pleased to have been selected as a business partner with European WaterCare Systems – one of the UK’s leading suppliers to the UK food service and warewashing industries. With SAP Business One and modules from our B1 Apps range, we look forward to helping the company achieve their business targets for the future.’

Daniel Twiss, Head of Operations, European WaterCare Systems, said it was an obvious choice to partner with the IIS Group once SAP Business One had been identified as a preferred solution.

He commented: ‘We had an open mind when it came to potential solution, partners and cost. For us, it was all about finding the right match. Overall, SAP Business One was a product that stood out apart from others.

‘Getting a platform in place that brings everything together was fundamental in reversing the problems we’ve experienced. We needed a solution that aligns the sales and servicing side of our organisation, plus integrated tools for financial and stock management. Finding a system that allowed us to do that was high on our agenda. When we spoke to the team at the IIS Group we found out how SAP Business One and the B1 Apps range would allow us to do that.’

Jim Mercy, Financial Controller, European WaterCare Systems, explained how the introduction of SAP Business One would deliver easy access into key business intelligence and generate essential financial reports.

He commented: ‘We use our current solution as our financial hub. But we also use it for reporting, which is a key tool for our sales team. But the software is incredibly cumbersome and doesn’t give us the right information in the right way for us. Other problems we’ve encounterd include the access and visibility of reports and how they can be read. SAP Business One impressed us on how it displays information for certain people within the business.

‘SAP Business One is a platform for future growth. We expect there will be a vast improvement in efficiencies. There are a lot of things that we do that are task and paperwork heavy. We’re looking to see a huge improvement on that. From a financial point of view, we expect better consolidation of the group of companies within European WaterCare Systems and better processes. The deployment of SAP Business One is a real opportunity to galvanise the sales and servicing arms of the business with the view of future of revenue opportunities.’

Daniel added that the attention to detail provided by the team at IIS Group proved to be one of the deciding factors when selecting a SAP Business One reseller to partner with.

‘The IIS Group had lots of questions for us and wanted to know where we were as a business and where we wanted to be,’ he said. ‘Then IIS explained what they and SAP Business One could do to resolve these issues. They wanted to know every fine detail of the business and of our processes and IIS seemed to understand where we wanted to get to as an organisation. When IIS returned for a follow up meeting and demonstration that was also very impressive and our team took a lot from that.’

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