Valley Reinforcements Ltd drive efficiency with construction software

bullet prmotes increased efficiencyValley Reinforcements are the latest construction business to upgrade to the Evolution M accounting software to drive efficiency in the business.

Having different members of staff using a number of separate systems is a common issue faced by construction businesses. Often one generic piece of software doesn’t cater for key construction processes such as job costing analysis, managing subcontractors, payment authorisation and flexibility in how contracts are setup and operated. As a result, time can be wasted as staff need to manually work with data in spreadsheets and search around for information to support the reporting requirements of the management team.

Thankfully for Sara Pettitt, Finance Manager at Valley Reinforcements, the integrated and construction specific nature of the Evolution M accounts system will remove the manual processes they are required to undertake. The team can also look forward to having contract documentation stored and available centrally, thanks to the systems built in document management capabilities. Ultimately Sara and her team will have one system to drive the efficiency they desire.

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