The cost of not using service management software

The Cost of Not Using Service Management SoftwareDoes using paper cause a head ache in your business? Is the paper trail complex? Do documents get lost? Is your invoicing delayed while waiting to receive sign offs from your field-based staff? The inefficiencies caused by using paper could be costing you in delays, productivity losses and decreased customer satisfaction!

The field service management industry is reportedly expected to grow from 1.97 Billion to 5.11 billion by 2020, according to Business Wire. The industry currently represents around 70% of the world’s economy, however, only a third of these businesses currently use a field service management solution. Leveraging new technologies will enable you to run a slicker operation, optimising resources and improving cash flow. Are you missing a trick?

Get paid faster…

Save precious time and get paid faster. With sign-offs being taken on mobile devices and tablets, you’ll no longer need to wait until the paperwork arrives into the office, to process an invoice. Mobile sign-off capabilities will send information instantly to the office, to allow for processing and invoicing. This means you’ll get paid faster and, improve your cash flow!

Be paperless…

For staff who are out on location, following a manual, paper based technique often leads to lost sign offs, and longer lead times on invoice processing. The rapid pace of change in technology means that access to data and the ability to update data in real-time, while on the move is vital. With mobile ERP capabilities you can benefit from signature and photo capture, which can be used for call completions and capturing proof of work. You’ll be able to stay on top of things, and not have to worry about lost paperwork. A robust ERP system will also allow you to standardise processes with screen prompts and work-flows, so that you never miss a beat!

Get real-time information

Real-time data enables you to effectively monitor and manage staff, maintain high standards of service and make strategic decisions based upon accurate business insights. Not to mention, the ability to work both on and offline, enables remote workers to process calls while on location.

Optimise resources

Make life easier when it comes to allocating jobs by having full visibility of the whereabouts of resources, skills, equipment, and the location of incoming calls. Implementing service management software will allow you plan more efficiently and some solutions include a graphical planner for schedule management. With this in place you’ll save valuable time and resource, and your customer will be happier with a faster, more efficient service- it’s a win win scenario!

And Finally…

Field service management software can be a competitive weapon that will outplay your competition providing a catalyst for reducing costs, increasing sales and growing your business efficiently and effectively. Do you want to be able to invoice in a fraction of the time? Stand out from your competitors?

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