Symtrax releases Compleo Print Manager

Providing IT with easy-to-administer comprehensive ERP printing

Every day IT departments must manage changes to their printers and print management. They install new print drivers, set up business rules that properly route documents to correct printers and trays, and ensure that back-up printers are in place so business-critical documents can be produced as needed. Ideally, print management would be centralised, easy to use, and unaffected by ERP version changes.

Compleo Print Manager satisfies all these criteria. It provides a secure and central web interface to configure printers within an ERP’s system landscape in just a couple clicks and routes all ERP print jobs to the chosen printer and tray. It optimises all available printer options so they can be leveraged from ERP background jobs and provides detailed print job statuses and error messages. The new Print Manager also helps multi-site companies conserve bandwidth by reducing the size of print files sent over their network.

Summary of benefits:

 Use native Windows print drivers, eliminating the worry of finding drivers or printers compatible with your ERP’s version 

 Optimise printer options for use from background jobs or interactive user sessions 

 Provide dynamic routing including backup printers and load balancing 

 Conserve bandwidth across multiple sites by reducing the size of print files sent over the network 

 Provide IT and end-users with detailed instant feedback of current print status 

 Supply SAP users with real-time print job status directly within their SAP session.

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