Software developer releases two new SAP Business One add-ons

cutting edge wall sizedThe software developer IIS has released two new add-ons as part of popular B1 Apps range
for the established ERP solution SAP Business One. The add-ons, B1 Credit Control and
the IIS Data Visualisation Suite, have been developed to meet customer demand and further
enhance the functionality of SAP Business One.

Both of the add-ons integrate with SAP Business One and allow small to medium-sized
organisations to be more agile, effective and responsive in today’s competitive market.
B1 Credit Control is an essential tool for finance departments and allows users to track the
progress of outstanding payments, create individual records on business partners and
supplier accounts and receive reminders when follow up calls are required.

The IIS Data Visualisation Suite is equally essential for SMEs. The software pulls together
information from different databases into one interactive dashboard. Perfect for companies
who want real-time insight into productivity levels, the Visualisation Suite offers different
graphs, charts, gauges and maps to bring silos of data to life.

Morgan Browne, Chief Executive, IIS, says the new additions to the B1 Apps range highlight
IIS’ commitment to providing SMEs with innovative solutions: ‘The release of the new add-ons provide small businesses with new tools to overcome common business challenges,” he said.

“Cash flow is essential for any SME. The B1 Credit Control add-on provides information on
any outstanding invoices in one application. Payment reminders mean you’ll never lose track
of important follow-up calls and accelerate the order to cash process.

“The IIS Data Visualisation Suite provides key business intelligence in dashboards that can be tailored to individual organisational requirements. You no longer have to wait hours for reports to measure productivity levels and progress can be tracked regardless of location on a variety of devices,” he concluded.

IIS has developed more than 20 different add-ons and plug-ins to complement SAP Business One. The B1 Apps range is now used by more than 100 companies across Europe.

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