Most significant Infor EAM solution in a decade

Enterprise Asset Management version 11.0 drives collaboration and innovation

Infor has announced Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Enterprise Edition version 11.0 to help drive collaboration and innovation. The latest iteration is specifically designed to provide users with considerable gains in its ease of use. The upgrades allow users to better leverage technology and make actionable decisions in real time. Infor EAM v11 embraces the cross-departmental structure and provides a better way to orchestrate people, assets and processes to advance visibility and value.

The core upgrades include a modern user interface (UI), improved mobility and analytics, “zero downtime” upgrade capability and an enhanced safety management module. Infor EAM v11 incorporates the latest Infor technology innovations of the Infor 10x platform and broad support for Infor Ming.le. Infor EAM v11 was purposefully designed to improve upon the basic problems that are commonly faced with managing assets.

“With Infor EAM v11 our users are no longer limited to working from a desktop, a windows computer or a particular browser. Instead, they are able to access the data in our system at virtually any time, on a wider array of devices or browsers,” said Stephen Tatton, director of business systems & new technology, JBT Aerotech. “Infor has provided us with a suite of EAM tools that fit our needs and help save us time and money.”

“The dramatic gains in ease-of-use with Infor EAM v11 should provide enhanced productivity and effectiveness for those involved with maintenance planning and execution – which translates into higher uptime and reliability at lower costs,” said Ralph Rio, research director, ARC Advisory Group. “This release clearly exhibits the benefits of the Hook & Loop design team, user advisory groups, and HTML 5 technology.”

“Infor EAM v11 is designed to change the way our customers work by empowering them with Infor 10x functionality, which includes the SoHo user experience, mobile deployment options and social collaboration support via Infor Ming.le,” said Kevin Price, product director, Infor EAM. “Re-designed with the consumer in mind, this latest version will help businesses to better align asset management initiatives with overall business goals, and provide their employees with a system that is both functional and beautiful.”

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