Rowan Specialist Interiors opt for specialist construction software

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Sometimes the change of an accounts system is forced upon a company when support for their existing software is being withdrawn. This was the case for Rowan Specialist Interiors Ltd who wanted to get a new system in place well ahead of time. We are pleased to announce they choose Evolution M, our ‘specialist’ construction software package.

The team at Rowan Specialist Interiors Ltd contains a vast amount of experience in interior fit-out work and has supported a wide variety of clients nationally and in the surrounding cities of their location in Gateshead.

When we first met Sharon at Rowan it became clear that reducing the number of manual processes, making contract and accounting information easy to collate for other areas of the business and being able to use the system remotely were the key requirements from a new system.

We demonstrated Evolution M and worked through some of the processes showing Sharon how time could be save by automatically verifying subcontractors straight through the system and how information can be quickly dropped from the system into Excel to save considerable time. We also went through the system’s document management capabilities and showed how statements could be emailed directly to subcontractors for example – all significant efficiency gains for Sharon.

Evolution M is a specialist construction accounting software package and as such budgets can be held against each contract which gives businesses an accurate view of contract profitability on a real time basis – something that will form a new part of Rowan’s management reporting.

Integrity Software looks forward to working with Rowan Specialist Interiors Ltd to implement their new Evolution M construction software system.

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