Renault France analyse marketing data with aCloud Insight

Dashboard solution meets needs with collaborative functions and intuitive interface

Renault France (Renault) has invested in cloud-based business intelligence solution aCloud Insight from Access Group. With large amounts of key information on its market available, the car manufacturer needed a quick and interactive way for its marketing team to communicate the information collected to its sales teams.

aCloud Insight appealed to Renault with its collaborative and user friendly interface, which allows for speedy adoption by business users. Renault chose a SaaS-based solution because it could be rolled out quickly.

All of Renault’s sales network (Company Managers, Key Account Managers, and dealerships) have direct access to their personalised dashboard, where they can filter, cross-reference and drill down into the data to obtain information on their market.

“In an instant we have made our relationship with the sales-force interactive,” declares Jean-Louis Wiedemann, Head of Marketing for Fleet Sales and Used Vehicles at Renault France.

“The platform’s performance has been decisive. Renault wanted several hundreds of users to be able to analyse its millions of registered vehicles, in an instant: it is a genuine example of a Big Data project using aCloud,” explains Alexandre Schneider, managing director of Access France.

The solution slots seamlessly into Renault’s universe, providing the various sales and marketing operations with key information quickly, that can be analysed for any potential opportunities, as well as used to adapt the message being communicated to prospects.

By using aCloud Insight, Renault gains a significant amount of time thanks to the rapid analysis of information. The use of dashboards will also allow sales teams to more accurately identify clients’ needs and expectations and to evaluate their performance.

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