Platform gives helping hand to sole traders struggling with accounts submissions

person-at-workSubmitting accounts to HMRC and Companies House can be time consuming and difficult for new business owners but platform can now help sole traders with limited companies manage their online submissions. In the UK there are over 3.3 million sole traders and each needs to submit business accounts and tax returns to HMRC.

While doesn’t act as a business’ accountant, the processing team consists of accountants who can raise any obvious issues with the data, reducing the risk of submissions being rejected. Having a reliable, expert team on hand to work on business submissions can make the process of submitting accounts more efficient.

Arron Wakeling,  CTO of, said: “If you’re not a practicing accountant it can be a challenge to use the Companies House and HMRC tools and it’s easy to make mistakes. Knowing this, we set up a platform that allows business owners and finance managers to delegate the task of processing their accounts to us, enabling them to focus on other business areas knowing professionals are handling their submissions. is now also offering to format and submit unincorporated sole trader business accounts and tax returns to HMRC, taking a time consuming task out of their hands.” has made the process as simple as possible. Sole Traders simply need to fill in some information on the website and upload their numbers. The team at will then format the accounts and after receiving approval from the company director or sole-trader will send them to Companies House and HMRC.

For start-up businesses the fee per processing is £500 for the first year and £675 in following years. The service includes full and abbreviated accounts reports, corporation tax calculation, CT600 returns and submission to HMRC and Companies House. Businesses without in-house bookkeeper can also use’s services by purchasing a full service package, which includes additions such as year-end adjustments, bank reconciliations, VAT and PAYE reconciliations, the price for a full service starts at £700.

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