Pearl Scan urges HR departments to embrace digital too

In 2017 the professional environment is transforming. Office buildings, as they were conventionally known, are quickly becoming a thing of the past as remote and flexible working is quickly becoming the norm. This move towards an increasingly mobile workforce is largely enabled by innovative technology making it possible to complete tasks and many job roles can be completed from almost any location. As a wide range of industries and departments within them are utilising digital tools to enable this change, national document scanning service provider Pearl Scan urges HR departments to follow suit, providing the skills and facilities to do so.

Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan said: “Working in HR means that you must be able to form great relationships with the staff that you are responsible for. As these workers are quickly switching from stable, regular positions to operating on a much more mobile, remote basis then it is vital that this sector responds to this trend in order to stay relevant to staff. Something as simple as switching to using virtual files on a cloud based HR document management system be a great way to update workflows effectively.”

While there still be many businesses operating in traditional ‘desk based’ situations, the need for allowing flexible working in the future is becoming more and more apparent. A survey by highlighted that 46% of the junior staff members questioned felt that being able to work from home would improve their overall happiness at work, with 32% seeing flexible working as being a main workplace motivator.

With services such as employee file scanning and HR document management, Pearl Scan offers document scanning solutions that are tailored specifically towards the needs of this crucial and developing industry. With HR files scanning services, Human Resources managers can quickly send and receive important employee documentation in a virtual format, to be viewed on a PC, smartphone or tablet. With this improved flexibility, HR departments can communicate and operate effectively with their workforce as it becomes increasingly more mobile.

Pearl Scan has been helping its clients save money, increase productivity and revolutionise its working days using document scanning technology for over a decade, investing in state of the art technology and highly trained staff to ensure that every job is completed to the highest possible standard.

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