Peak Contractors: A ConQuest case study…

Peak Contractors recently moved to ConQuest Estimating. They currently price tenders for refurbishment projects in London worth between around
£100k and £5million, typically education, healthcare, office accommodation, residential and some specialist projects.

Jacob Read has been an estimator for 9 years ever since completing his quantity surveying degree and joining a large regional contractor. He has used a number of other estimating systems over the last 9 years but when he came to Peak Contractors he was very clear that he wanted their system of choice to be ConQuest. Peak contractors reviewed the market and also decided ConQuest was the one for them.

Good estimators are increasingly difficult to find, ConQuest are hearing more & more that having the ConQuest system attracts a high calibre of estimator. People want to use something they know and something they can rely on. They want to use the best tool for the job.

Con Quest had some time with Jacob to ask him some questions, get some feedback and discuss the ConQuest System…

How do you think ConQuest has changed since you first used it?

I think it has become more user friendly, even though it wasn’t very difficult to use to start with. I have never actually been for formal training at your training centre, I taught myself. The chaps in the office at my last company showed me around the software and If I have any questions I just call ConQuest support and they help me.

What do you think makes it user friendly?

Having used other estimating systems everything with ConQuest is where you want it to be. I like this because you spend less time worrying about the system and more time focusing on your work.

What features in particular do you like about the ConQuest Software?

Everything is just so accessible. If other people look at your jobs or take them over it is easy for them to find the information they need. I like the amount of statistics that are instantly available and the way it all ties together from module to module. The job to enquires to comparisons and back to updating the job. It just saves so much time and you can price more tenders.

How do you find the support offered by ConQuest?

Faultless. You ring up, they answer. You nearly always get through first time and you never have to chase anyone.

How would you feel if you had to stop using ConQuest?

It would be horrendous! There are just so many negatives to think about. It would cost so much more money and tenders would take much longer.

Picture: University College London – Rayne Building – The works comprised of the complete refurbishment of the first floor of the Rayne Building to create new laboratories, offices and open plan write up areas within an occupied building. Value £2,700,000 – 19 weeks.

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