New WMS supports European expansion

Shiner can reduce data entry by 50% with Access Delta

Shiner Limited is a long established specialist action sports distribution business operating out of a state of the art warehouse facility in Bristol. Shiner understood that to meet the growing requirements and a significant increase in annual turnover, they needed to fortify their warehouse management process with Access Delta & Insight, supporting expansion into European territory.

Richard Staite, Operations Director for Shiner explains: “Due to recent expansions we became aware of our need for a better suited warehouse management system (WMS). Now we’re expanding to Europe we need a stronger WMS system and a real method of practice for our business intelligence to ensure and maintain development throughout our new territory, adhering to a superior level of customer satisfaction.”

He continues: “Having reviewed the process, we’re set to improve our speed, efficiency and reporting with the use of Access Delta & Insight consolidating information. We need access to information in real time, all the time. With our current system we literally run manual processes, walking round the warehouse to pick items and manage inventory.”

“Previously our WMS system did not support RF scanning technology,” comments Richard. Now with the addition of Access Delta, inventory and orders can be processed by handheld scanners, streamlining processes for greater speed, management, and visibility of stock whilst consolidating data.

Richard elaborates: “Automating that process will eliminate the laborious task of collecting data then re-entering that information manually. With Access we can reduce that task by 50%.” Once that data is entered into Delta it is accounted for in real time, then made available through dashboards in Insight to produce KPI’s and information reports to improve processes and staff efficiencies.

“Our current WMS system isn’t live. With Delta & Insight, we’ll now have visibility over real-time information as incoming and outgoing inventory are managed. Previously we ran our business intelligence using MS Excel. It wasn’t proving to be a viable option and a labour intensive process when it comes to collecting and reporting data, which took time out of the business,” says Richard. Reducing labour wastage will strengthen growth plans, reiterated by automated processes once information is entered and managed by Delta, Insight can then report this information back companywide through configurable Insight dashboards.

Richard mentions: “As a lot of our staff work remotely on the road, between customers they need access to information and data, such as business intelligence instantly. Something that they didn’t have access to previously.” Browser based Insight enables staff with an internet connection to access Insight’s dashboard and integrate this into their sales process using live reports.

“With the growth of the company and expansion into Europe, we’re now looking to accommodate 15% growth year on year. We are aware that by drawing on Access’ experiences we will now be adopting industry best practices to support us,” he continued.

Richard concludes: “The real reasons we chose Access will be the benefit of running live reporting, consolidating information, and reducing paper processes. We will have greater management and accuracy of stock during picking, we’re now able to reduce wastage, through greater quality and increased dispatch control over stock. Beyond the product offering, we really felt that Access was a company that we could trust and grow with. We looked for a long term business relationship and we believe we have found that with Access.”

Ian Roper, SCS Divisional Director for Access comments: “Our integrated system helps organisations to lessen the administrative burdens of managing complex supply chain operations, making them much more efficient and leaner in the process. Perfect for Shiner’s 15% year on growth and expansion into Europe, whilst keeping to a high standard of customer service.”

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