Move into the World of Integrated ERP

Integrated ERP software was created to put an end to data existing in multiple, disconnected systems…

When this is the case, efficiency is at an all-time low because none of the data is linked together, leading to unnecessary stress dealing with multiple systems that process data in different ways. Khaos Control presents the answer…

A fully Integrated ERP is one place to store all your business data. This means you can shift your focus entirely on growing your business.

How can integrated ERP help?

Better decision making

With an Integrated ERP system, you have a large amount of information at your fingertips and everything is updated exactly as it is happening. This means you are able to analyse your data more accurately, make informed decisions about your business and have performance figures at your fingers without having to refer to external software.


Save time on admin

Save time by removing the need to carrying out monotonous admin tasks. An Integrated ERP means gone are the days when information is manually keyed from one system to another – your Integrated ERP will handle this automatically. Removing the likelihood of human error and data duplication makes your data much more reliable, reducing your admin hours and increasing your reporting accuracy.

Data security

One of the biggest worries when handling a mass amount of data is security. An Integrated ERP solution means that you won’t have to spend time worrying about who has their prying eyes on your information. A seamless, integrated system means consistent authorisation and adaptable user permissions, making an integrated solution a lot more dependable than several separate ones. 

One system means seamless service

The obvious ease of having an Integrated ERP is the fact that you only have one system to worry about. This has many benefits. It can cut down time when it comes to IT support, as there is only one company to refer to for help. It means training is only required on one system, which saves both time and money. And it means you have all of your data in one place, which many people can access – what more could you want?

As a result of all of this, your customer service is going to benefit dramatically. If you can access customer’s information and purchase history in the blink of an eye, you can answer and fulfil any request almost instantaneously. Not just that, you are able to prioritise based on individual customer’s requirements, customise products and automate any discounts you may want to give – all while helping to deliver an awesome experience in a timely manner. With an Integrated ERP, new orders are imported in real time, where they can be dealt with much quicker. This saves you from manually re-entering information which can delay the process by a day, if not longer.


Accounting and an Integrated ERP solution

An Integrated ERP, like Khaos Control Cloud, provides an accounting functionality built-in. This takes away a lot of the pain that comes from using a separate accounting system. It gives you up-to-the-minute financial reporting, allowing you to keep tabs on revenue and profitability. You can also sell throughout Europe and beyond, as it caters for currency conversion rates, country-specific VAT and more. Furthermore, powerful sales analysis tools are available, which allows you to understand exactly how your customers and products are performing.

When it comes to selecting an Integrated ERP solution, a good starting place is to summarise your business needs from a system. Once you’ve drawn up a list, you can rank them by importance, and start your search for the perfect solution. 

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