It’s never too late to make the move to paperless

‘It’s never too late to make the move to paperless’, say industry expertsOnline shopping, banking and even online meetings are all common practices in today’s digital age. However although the world is embracing technology, many of the globe’s businesses are failing to make the move according to research carried out last year, with just 7% of companies having fully digitised organisations according to Capgemini Consulting. Pearl Scan, one of the UK’s premier providers of document scanning and data capture to a wide range of sectors, is reiterating the benefits of making the move to digital to make sure they are able to undertake processes effectively.

Highlighting the fact that businesses can start reaping the rewards at any time, Naveed Ashraf, Managing Director at Pearl Scan Group, said: “The benefits of digitalisation are incredibly clear, however many companies are still reluctant to try it. Maybe they feel like they have missed the boat so to speak because they have large amounts of documents and paperwork that would need digitising, however thanks to the wonders of technology it really is never too late to make the move towards a paperless system.”

The need to digitise processes is becoming more and more recognised by the business world. There has been an abundance of research highlighting the advantages of digital technologies for a whole range of businesses. For example, according to Accenture, digital has the potential to add a combined $1.36 trillion to the GDP of the world’s top 10 economies by 2020.

And although the benefits of digitalisation are becoming increasingly known, many companies are still struggling to find the right way to transform their organisation. The Peal Scan Group has already helped thousands of businesses make the switch thanks to their easy, cost-effective and accurate service. Data capture, document management and scanning and bulk scanning are all processes they undertake daily. And as a result, the company is one of the country’s most trusted companies for digitalising confidential medical and legal documents, invoices and educational files.

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