It’s how companies mitigate the risk of cyberattack which is key

Following recent cyberattacks,  IT specialist Daren Oliver, Managing Director of London based IT firm Fitzrovia, offers this advice…

“Every business is at risk of a cyberattack however it’s how companies mitigate the risk which is key.  It was only a matter of time before an unprecedented cyberattack of this scale took place.  The issue isn’t necessarily complacency amongst businesses, but lack of awareness, levels of investment to protect systems and regular reviews of cybersecurity policies and procedures.  Simply updating software is not enough.

“If a company finds they have fallen victim to a cyberattack they should switch off their computers and inform an IT professional immediately.  Our ongoing advice to businesses is to not only ensure they consult the services of an IT professional to regularly review cybersecurity policies and procedures, but that any required changes and updates to their systems are implemented as soon as possible.”

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