InfinityQS empowers international elevator company with real-time quality data

InfinityQS International, Inc. (InfinityQS), a global authority on data-driven enterprise quality solutions, announced it has empowered an international elevator company with real-time quality data for immediate corrective action in production. Equipped with the ability to quickly spot quality issues and determine where to focus improvement efforts, this manufacturer has improved the consistency of its elevator wall panels, shortened production time, and reduced data analysis time from weeks to minutes.

For this elevator manufacturer, out-of-spec wall panels were causing job site construction delays, costing significant time and money. Looking to improve control over the panel machining process, the company implemented InfinityQS Statistical Process Control (SPC) software for Quality Intelligence. The quality data collected by InfinityQS reveals if and where the process goes awry, enabling shop-floor operators to take immediate action and ensuring that non-forming materials never leave the factory.

Once it got its panel machining process under control, the next focus aimed at shortening elevator panel Takt time—the average time between the start of one production run and the next. Using SPC data, this manufacturer reduced its wall panel production time to just 2-3 minutes per run—a 40-60% time savings. The company now employs a combination of manual, semi-automated, and automated data collection to quickly and easily track quality and process information. These data help plant teams improve other onsite production processes, conduct faster and more accurate audits, and perform detailed analysis across lines, shifts, and machines in a matter of minutes.

“When manufacturers can unify real-time information across lines, machines, products, shifts, and even plants, they gain increased visibility and can make smarter business decisions,” said Michael Lyle, President and CEO of InfinityQS. “Many InfinityQS customers cite visibility as their favourite product benefit, because it allows them to rectify problems and expose which lines or plants perform better than others. Understanding why these differences exist enables continuous process improvement, making quality data an invaluable asset to manufacturing operations at large.”

Visit the InfinityQS website to download and read the full case study, “Elevating Quality to the Top Floor.”

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