In2grate partners with VECTA for smartphone CRM solution

Delivering important information direct to smartphones and tablet PCs

In2grate Business Solutions (In2grate), a leading supplier of manufacturing and distribution systems, has partnered with VECTA to provide a fully integrated cloud-based Sales Intelligence and CRM solution. This new paperless and spreadsheet free mobile solution will enable sales and service teams to improve customer service and sales opportunities by providing important information direct to their smartphones and tablet PCs.

The VECTA software complements In2grate product offerings by enabling critical business data to be used on the go, giving mobile sales personnel instant access to customer order information, for example. VECTA connects to the office wirelessly allowing them to see past sales orders and add re-orders to their agenda when visiting their customers.

“This partnership allows us to provide a competitive advantage to our customers. VECTA extends the reach of our business systems into the field, providing mobile sales and service teams with important customer information at their fingertips. It is a cloud-based solution that integrates easily with our back office software and gives two-way real-time access and updates to customer sales orders and service records,” says Kathryn Howarth, Group Marketing Manager at In2grate Business Solutions.

“Being electronic, the system improves efficiency as there is no need for mobile workers to carry paper documentation with them and it also eliminates any duplication when updating customer order and service details. The mobile agent simply updates the system using their mobile device. All the information they need to provide superior customer service is presented to them on screen at the touch of a button,” added Howarth.

In2grate believes that new mobile Sales Intelligence and CRM tool will increase business for their customers as it opens up opportunities to cross and up-sell products and services to their clients. Mobile representatives can see exactly what the client has ordered previously and also identify other offerings that they may be interested in or would complement their existing purchases. It makes it easy to interrogate the back office system remotely and it also enables sales and service managers to monitor the activity of their mobile teams.

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