HR managers, start a smartphone revolution with UniqueIQ

hr-managers-start-a-smartphone-revolution-with-uniqueiqLast week the reality of the nation’s smartphone habits was revealed as the findings of the latest Deloitte ‘Mobile Consumer Survey’ were released. While 37 million people in the UK now own a smartphone, the more shocking statistic came as around a third of these technology addicts admitted to waking up throughout the night to check their devices for messages, as well as reaching for their phone as soon as they wake up in the morning. Quite simply, the fact remains that mobile devices have become an integral part of modern life that cannot be ignored. And leading time and attendance software developer UniqueIQ argues that the HR industries should also be paying close attention.

HR Magazine, an influential voice in the world of Human Resources mirrored this opinion in an article last month, urging the sector to utilise smart technologies as the workforce continues to move towards a more mobile and flexible state of affairs. IQTimecard, the app-based remote workforce management software, offers the perfect tool for forward-thinking HR managers to leverage the use of a smartphone within their operations, futureproofing their businesses.

David Lynes, Director of UniqueIQ said: “These smartphone usage statistics from Deloitte have certainly been eye opening, and while the business and marketing industries have been speculating about what this could mean for them, HR professionals also need to seriously consider implementing smartphone-based technology into their activities.”

UniqueIQ, an expert in web and application development, used its extensive knowledge and practical capabilities to produce innovative, workforce planning software IQTimecard in 2010 after spotting a growing need for a solution of this kind. Keeping up with consumer demand, they re-packaged this call-monitoring software and presented it in a user friendly application format, allowing its clients to utilise the benefits of the system using any smartphone or tablet. With IQTimecard, HR managers can take action that benefits both their staff and their business simultaneously, streamlining scheduling, removing payroll error and improving communication between a remote workforce.

David continued: “As we now use our smartphone for everything from banking to shopping, why then are not realising the many ways that this technology can also be used in the working environment?  IQTimecard, from UniqueIQ, enables you to do just that.”

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