How to use your Construction Software to achieve a competitive edge

start your journeyEque2, a leading provider to the construction and software industry, believe that using specialist construction software will transform the way your company works…

As the construction industry picks up, you’ll be looking to maximize your margins and increase the volume or size of your projects. In order to do this, you’ll need the resources, cash flow and right approach, which means putting technology and software at the heart of your strategy.

Stepping up your project win ratio can often seem like an impossible dream; especially in a sector suffering from wafer-thin margins, skill shortages and competition. However, ambitious management teams are fast discovering that construction software can go a long way to overcoming those strategic challenges.

Although it’s not a magic wand which can be waved over a failing business to transform its survival hopes, construction software should be an essential element of any management team’s toolkit as they look to build their business alongside an economy that ticks upwards in 2015.

It could be that you’re wondering if you really need construction software to address one of the sector’s biggest long-term challenges – slender margins. After all, if you’ve survived so far using spreadsheets, experience and understanding about how the industry works – do you really need to embrace a new approach?

Innovative management teams who have already realised the significant benefits of construction software can improve bid strategy and satisfy the demands of customers, just to name a few things.

Construction software can help you address another major strategic headache – tackling the skills shortages, which have bedeviled our industry for so long. By smoothing the relationships between a construction firm and its sub-contractors, and delivering greater efficiencies in terms of working time.

Wes Simmons, Managing Director of Eque2, says: “The construction industry faces many threats when it comes to cash flow. Specialist software can help budget, forecast and prepare tender documents – the only way to move forward as a company is by moving with technology.”

Technology is constantly improving. Most construction staff now have access to and skills with mobile devices that do away with the need to return to the office to write up notes from using specialist construction software. Those who are not on board with the new reality are likely to get left behind.

Ask yourself: Is your project win ratio as good as you’d like it to be? Have you thought seriously about using construction software? What’s your strategy in 2015 for boosting your profit margins?

At Eque2, we provide solutions that are tailored to the construction and contracting industry and we can help your company to adopt modern technologies, encourage the recruitment of new skills and manage your cash flow more effectively.

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