How to use construction management software to retain staff and improve knowledge

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The construction industry is now set for success after the passing of the recession that saw the industry in meltdown. The sector has been estimated to grow 23% by the end of 2018 and many construction companies are now looking to increase their staff headcount to pre-recession levels. However, if we dig a little deeper a huge skills and knowledge gap currently challenges the industry. Many walked away from the sector during the recession and those who remain will only work for construction companies who can meet all of their expectations – from technology through to their working lifestyle.

The skills gap has led to 74% of small builders claiming that there will not be a sufficient quantity of skilled subcontractors and tradespeople as the market regrows. Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) estimates that 400,000 workers will reach retirement age within the next decade, extending the skills and knowledge gap to be a problem both now and in the future.

Wes Simmons, Managing Director of Eque2, says: “Construction companies can address this gap by boosting staff retention through improving IT and introducing construction management software.”

The deployment of the right hardware and software will make lives easier for your employees while boosting your company’s own efficiency. Employees now expect the right to request flexible working, the ability to work remotely and access to centralised data.The right technology will meet these expectations and if your construction company is not ready to fulfil them, your employees are likely to take their skills elsewhere.

Essential to this new era in connectivity is data, how it is stored and how it is disseminated. Employees expect to work efficiently, productively and have immediate access to the data they need, wherever they are.

The right software will offer a host of benefits, allowing key information to be pushed out to the right people at the right time, whether they are at home, on-site or travelling between construction projects. It can provide real-time information, from notifying your staff when a delivery of plasterboard is set to arrive, to enabling them to carry out an evaluation onsite armed with the right dataset on a tablet. Providing your employees with the tools they need to successfully complete projects will persuade them not to take their skills to one of your competitors.

Construction companies should utilise construction management software to boost the working environment, capabilities and their employees’ interest. The right software that centralises data and makes it readily available will empower your staff and encourage them to stay with your business.

Boost your staff’s retention and boost their knowledge by:

·         Embracing technology to drive up retention rates while maximising company efficiency

·         Utilising construction management software to place data at the heart of your strategy

·         Improving day-to-day working capabilities, encouraging your employees to stay.

This powerful combination of technology and software is vital for boosting retention rates while also massively increasing efficiency, awareness and knowledge throughout your firm.

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