G S Brown Construction Ltd upgrade to Integrity’s Evolution M

GS Brown constructionAfter running their existing accounts solution for over 10 years, G S Brown felt that the time was right to upgrade to a more modern construction accounting package which provided the business with a fully integrated database where all information and supporting documentation could be intelligently stored and accessed by all employees.

G S Brown is a family run business based near Perth which has built a reputation on consistently delivering high quality housing which provides not only a comfortable home but also a valuable investment. Company Accountant David Barrie led the search for a new solution after it was felt the current system had become dated and not as user friendly as it could be.

Alongside David’s requirement to consolidate information and documentation within the business, he was also looking for a solution which could allow estimating information to be imported from any source to ensure the new system does not limit G S Brown in the future.

Streamlining purchase ordering processes was also a key requirement along with gaining fully divisional accounting which provided tight links to Microsoft Excel and Word to eliminate the amount of duplication currently required.

We’re pleased to announce that Evolution M was chosen as the most suitable and cost effective solution for G S Brown Construction Ltd based on its user friendly nature and level of database flexibility required. Evolution M’s ability to link documents to contracts or transactions was also a big hit, as was the ability to report and export information directly into Word and Excel.

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