Embracing technology by investing in your digital future

This article was written by  Stephen Whitehouse from Winman ERP.

Digital Transformation is the new buzzword all businesses are talking about. It’s the change from current to future state via technology. And we all know that concept of the ERP system is growing significantly,

and businesses are looking for ways to leverage its value. Some companies have realised that by investing in modern technology, a business can significantly manage their operations better and adapt to customers’ changing needs. The best approach is to dive in and try.

Do you have a lot of complex manufacturing?

If you have many complex production processes or methods, you will know what a challenge it can be to keep up-to-date with the latest developments. You will want to stay on top of the game, but you will want to plan for a long term investment that will keep delivering.
There’s some good news: Digital Twin technology could well be the last update you need for years. After all, it lets you test out new machinery and processes without investing in them. And it enables you to see how your products will perform, based on your existing data through simulation before they even exist.

Digital transformation: Have you got a digital twin?

Digital Twin technology is used in the manufacturing and distribution industries to create intelligent, digital replicas of your equipment or operational processes.
Used to optimise performance, gain insights based on current data, and helps you plan or make cost reductions by leveraging automation. It also helps you predict any potential problems before they happen. That means you can tackle them before they become more significant issues down the line. One of the best examples of digital transformation can be found in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).
When you sell direct to customers, AR/VR technology gives them the ability to potentially design or apply products to fit their end use. Ideas are simulated in 3D and changes can be made as you work through the design. Demonstrating the use of new and innovative technologies helps you show your customers what their product will look like before they commit to buying it.

Transform your business with the latest ERP system

If you still rely heavily on spreadsheets, struggle with projections or deal with a lot of manual processes, an ERP system could be the way to go. An ERP solution is a software solution that connects all of the different areas of your business into one place, so you can see and manage them more easily.
When all these processes are integrated, you regain complete control over them. You can also automate and streamline your processes to be more efficient and cost-effective. And because everything is integrated into one system, you have the clarity you need to make better-informed decisions.

Benefits of ERP system

What are the benefits of investing in technology? Business owners who have invested in the tools mentioned above are amazed at how much time the tools have saved them, allowing them to focus on other areas of their business. You’ll increase performance by providing reports and forecasts, analysing real-time data, and creating enhancements or non-tangible benefits that improve performance.
It’s hard to remain competitive without keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies, but doing so is crucial for a business’s continued growth. Local governments are aware of this and often offer grants or other funding to encourage companies to implement digital transformation measures.
Don’t be intimidated by the vast number of options available to you. Take this first step to upgrade your processes, increase productivity, and provide better customer service.  


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