EasyBuild launches ‘EasyBuild Cloud’ software

EasyBuild has announced that they have rolled out ‘EasyBuild Cloud’ software. Provided through partnership with Aspire Technology Solutions, ‘EasyBuild Cloud’ is an alternative deployment for the EasyBuild software solution for use by organisations.

It is a solution designed to utilise the latest server, storage and switching technologies and offers the configuration capabilities to meet specific customer requirements.  Cloud-based software is a type of computing that is on ‘the cloud’, and is the delivery of computing resources accessed over the internet.

The ‘EasyBuild Cloud’ service will be provided from 2 Tier 3 certified data centres located in the UK, with the EasyBuild database being fully replicated to our backup site to ensure the highest levels of business continuity, along with redundant power supplies and backup generators. The data centre is accredited to the standards of ISO 27001 Information Security and provides customers with secure and reliable 24/7 hosting. Each customer will have dedicated access to the new software, using secured access.

EasyBuild Cloud Benefits:
Reduced cost.
Provides a server and storage platform optimised for the delivery of the EasyBuild solution to all areas of a business.
The provision of improved business continuity offering advanced levels of resilience.
Day-to-day management of the hosting environment, including daily backups, security updates, operating system updates and patching and network security and firewall configuration.
Provides easy access for all users.
Comes with full real-time system monitoring and administration.
Includes all database and EasyBuild application upgrades.
Comes with unlimited platform scalability options.

It’s flexibility means that clients no longer need to be concerned with the day-to-day operational management and capacity planning of their technology platforms – clients can focus on delivering effective services to their user community instead. With ‘EasyBuild Cloud’, as a business you can have the confidence to know that your EasyBuild system is always up-to-date with the latest new features and that your business data is secure and backed up every day.


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