Digital transformation: providing an ERP software platform for growth

BurtsDigital transformation is a term you hear bandied around a lot – and it’s little wonder. Having the right digital systems in place provides organisations with a much greater understanding and control over what’s happening in the business. This enables better decision making, and gives companies the confidence to push for growth.

One company which has undergone such a digital transformation is Burts Potato Crisps. An award winning producer of hand cooked crisps, the business started with just one humble fryer 15 years ago. But now, the Devon-based business is turning over more than £13m a year.

The company felt, however, that many of the processes it was using to track performance, such as spreadsheets, were beginning to hinder potential growth. A lack of integration between these manual systems meant there was large amount of duplicated work taking place across the company. For example, the same data would be inputted over and over to keep control over finance, to process production and for stock control.

Burts realised that the implementation of an overarching system would create efficiencies, improve visibility and enable the business to exercise greater levels of control. The company selected enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Access SupplyChain, and integrated electronic data capture in the form of barcode scanning.

The benefits the company has experienced since implementation have been numerous. The eradication of the need for a monthly stock take alone has saved the company £12,000 a year. The flow of information around the business is helping balance purchasing and production schedules and ensuring stock levels are always just right.

Mike Crosby, financial director for Burts, claims the company is now far more confident about its growth potential. He said: “We’ve future-proofed the business and could easily double or treble in size. We’re looking to grow to around £20million over the next two to three years.”

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