Causeway re-launches website

New website focuses on customer interaction

The re-launch of marks a radical departure from traditional websites to one that is strongly focused on interaction with customers to understand and meet their changing requirements. As such, features strong integration with social media to support the exchange of information between the company’s thought leaders and its customers.

The site has been built around the themes of Design, Build, Operate and Maintain, representing the areas where Causeway solutions operate within the built environment. Within each of these areas is a wealth of information, covering Causeway’s 16 solutions covering the whole of the built environment, accessible in many ways including videos, blogs & other social media. This social integration ensures that the site’s content remains fresh and continually evolves, setting a new benchmark for online business-to-business interaction.

Causeway Associate Vice President Phil Auguste explained: “Causeway has been pioneering a different approach to the ways in which technology adds value to the design, construction and operation of built assets. In particular, we are now very focused on not just understanding customers’ needs but also anticipating them, ensuring we deliver the right solutions at the right times. Consequently, the improved communication and enhanced transparency that result from being a social business play a key role in our delivery of software and services.

“This is clearly reflected in the ethos behind the new website, which puts as much emphasis on the sharing of knowledge as it does on information about specific products. Not only have we made this information easier to find, we have also made it accessible in many different ways to suit people’s preferences. For example, there are already over 100 highly informative videos on the site and this library is growing rapidly. But if people prefer to read the information, they can do that as well,” he concluded.

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