Causeway Estimating 2014 addresses key challenges

Greater ease of use, along with enhanced productivity and functionality

The newly launched Causeway Estimating 2014 solution builds on the feedback of existing Estimating users to deliver even greater ease of use, along with enhanced productivity and functionality.

As such, it retains Causeway’s standardised approach to the estimating process, equipping contractors with the tools to tender with improved accuracy, win more bids and minimise risk.

Time-saving features in Causeway Estimating 2014 include the ability to import Bills of Quantities directly from Excel with no need to convert to .csv or text files. Text formatting can be used to assist in auto-creation of Bills/sub-Bills and coding structures can be allocated to the Excel file to designate items as standard, provisional etc. Further time-savings will result from the advanced item search, and new multi-select drag-and-drop capabilities.

One of the many benefits cited by existing users of Causeway Estimating is its multi-user functionality, as Brenda Munro, Buyer at Robertson Group, observed: “We have been utilising Causeway Estimating in a ‘multi-user’ environment for 10+ years. We find the standard reports to be more than sufficient and the ability to analyse tenders in detail using Tender Adjudication is most useful. This is a reliable product worth consideration by any size of contractor as it is intuitive and flexible while still providing highly complex analytical data.”

Within Causeway Estimating 2014 this multi-user functionality has been further extended to encompass true collaborative working, enabling estimators to collaborate in real time and work on projects concurrently, thereby saving even more time and reducing errors.


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