Causeway delivers secure, scalable hosted services with Secura

too much hype and jargonA new partnership with Secura Hosting is enabling Causeway to provide its customers with a competitively priced, scalable and secure infrastructure for cloud-based hosted software solutions.

Causeway now offers a range of cloud-based solutions through Secura’s cloud platform, all available on demand as a web service and accessible at any time, from anywhere in the world.

The inherent scalability of the platform ensures that each solution can be tailored to meet individual customer’s requirements and enables them to quickly and economically re-scale the service in response to changing workloads.

“One of the benefits of the virtual private cloud is that, from a client’s perspective, it doesn’t have bounds to scalability – so it gives the ability to provide exactly the resource requirements for each client,” explained Secura COO Dan Nichols.

Crucially, all of these solutions are hosted within a highly secure environment, as Dan Nichols explained: “At Secura we focus very heavily on security and any IT system is only as secure as the people managing it. The human element is always going to be the weakest point so we focus very heavily on training staff and having robust processes in place.”

The infrastructure and physical hardware that underpin the Causeway hosted services utilise the latest generation of technology to give a highly efficient computing platform distributed across a number of secure data centre locations. The service is fully supported by Secura’s expertise in the delivery of cloud infrastructure, as evidenced by the company’s ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and ISO 9000 certifications.

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