Businesses can reach customers better with an online and offline strategy

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In a hyper connected world that is fuelled by the Internet, it is easy to see why many marketing professionals are using ‘virtual’ tactics such as online advertising and social networking in order to reach their customers instead of ‘physical’ marketing techniques. However, choosing a strategy that relies on only one form of media may provide limited results. PrintDesigns, a stalwart of the printed materials industry, is urging businesses to remember the value that adding offline promotional techniques to a digital marketing strategy can bring.

Although many marketing professionals would agree that the Internet is growing in importance as a media channel and a route to the consumer, forgetting to include an offline presence could mean that businesses are not reaching a certain segment of their target market. Alternatively, only focussing on physical promotional materials could also result in the exclusion of future customers. In order to ensure that a businesses can connect to their entire audience, an integrated online and offline solution is advised.

Mark Thompson, Co-Founder of PrintDesigns said: “Prior to the mass adoption of the Internet, the marketing landscape was very different to the one that we are experiencing today, and in the early days of this technology the use of SEO, social networking and paid for advertisements was in its infancy.”

Thompson continued: “Now, marketing professionals are expected to be experts in this area in order to build a successful strategy for their businesses. While these techniques are relevant and proven to be effective, only focusing on an online brand presence would mean that a company could be missing out on the unique value that physical promotion can give them too, providing customers with personal interaction with a brand as opposed to just a virtual experience.”

In addition to e-mail marketing, sponsored online ads, blogger outreach and social networking, businesses can leverage their marketing strategies with event attendances, as well as with flyer distribution and printed posters. PrintDesigns has been working closely with marketing professionals for over 15 years and has curated a range of large and small format printing solutions, as well as offering high quality roller banners and other exhibition stands to help make every trade show attendance a successful one.

Integrating a physical marketing strategy with online efforts doesn’t need to be expensive, and the UK’s largest provider of banner stands offers products at a low cost without ever sacrificing the quality.


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