Buckingham Group, an estimating software case study

DP World - London Gateway Common User Facility CUFBuckingham Group have nearly 60 years experience in both the public and private sector, they provide a range of services in Building, Civil Engineering, Sport & Leisure, Rail and more. Buckingham are also moving their expertise into public sector work such as office blocks, schools & colleges.

As a family/Owner managed business they maintain a business ethos based on traditional family values, this mirrors the way that estimating software company ConQuest, also works as a business.

Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd have substantial experience and understanding in the delivery of complex projects that embrace safe, sustainable and considerate construction.

Mark Davis has been with Buckingham Group for over 10 years and became Estimating Director 5 years ago focusing on the build/stadia sectors of the business. Dave Stannage joined Buckingham Group 2 years ago as a senior estimator. Mark and Dave each have over 25 years experience working for many reputable companies pricing building, civil’s and refurbishment projects.

ConQuest talked to them both about the decision to buy their system, the implementation process and what it does for them. Mark explains….

‘’Several main reasons, firstly I wanted to utilise a system that was familiar to most estimators, the type of estimating software we use is a typical conversation that takes place in all interviews I have conducted for potential estimating candidates.

Secondly, having the ability to send out and manage enquiries within ConQuest means that we don’t have to use separate online portals any more. Also we are finding that most subcontractors are familiar with receiving enquiries through ConQuest, the live tracking updates are particularly useful providing us with an opportunity to make informed choices earlier in the tender process.

The third reason is that I wanted a system that was reliable and ConQuest has been around for some time. I previously used it some 12 years ago and remembered that it worked well but after seeing the latest version demonstrated I was convinced that it was time to implement ConQuest’’.

‘’Training was good and setting this up was easy, whilst the training was not conducted within our office this actually has some benefits in that there are no distractions and the trainer can control the event keeping everyone learning at the same pace. Installation happened on the planned day and worked first time’’.

‘’Capital Park in Cambridge was the first job we priced using ConQuest’s estimating software. I’m glad we had it. It worked really well because there were a lot of late design adjustments, ConQuest made these really easy to deal with’’

Dave Continues: ‘’You can price anything using the ConQuest estimating system, I price work from 50K through to £50 million and it is very flexible. I understand people who say you may as well price a smaller job in Excel but once you know ConQuest it just isn’t the same, you can’t get the same level of information out of Excel’’

Dave explained how ConQuest estimating software helps him as a Director and what he likes about the system in general:

‘’For me, having confidence in the bid is important, ConQuest is an essential tool that helps my team provide me with this confidence, the software is simple to use, it is accurate and items can be found quickly and interrogated as necessary. ConQuest is a good solid estimating system, it is flexible enough to cater for complex bids without compromising on accuracy. I have used other estimating systems in the past and for tendering on build related projects ConQuest is the best package available in my opinion’’.

When asked the same question from a Senior Estimators point of view:

‘’The thing is you could look at all the different parts of ConQuest individually; On Screen Take Off & Measurement, Estimating, Subcontractor & Supplier Comparisons/Enquiries and yes the comparisons module is a bit more detailed than other systems, and the enquires software is far superior to anything we have ever used but it is ConQuest as a whole integrated package that is great, it is just a really flexible & friendly management tool’’

Contact https://www.conquest.ltd.uk

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