Beyond Beauty: Unveiling the power of ERP in the cosmetic industry

Written by Winman – regular exhibitor at our itSHOWCASE events

In a world where self-care knows no gender, the cosmetics industry is experiencing a revolutionary shift. Traditionally, it was dominated by products and marketing aimed towards women. The change has already begun, men are now embracing self-care rituals as an integral part of their grooming routines. Regardless of gender, the cosmetic industry is encouraging all individuals to have the opportunity to feel empowered, seen and experiment to celebrate their unique beauty.

Benefits of an ERP system for cosmetic manufacturers

Innovation and responsiveness to consumer trends are important and using technology can make the process easier to manage. Having Enterprise Resource Planning software in place can help streamline some of these processes.

Visibility – CRM

An all-in-one ERP Solution can include a CRM module, which can be of great advantage to cosmetic manufacturers. The integration will allow them to gain visibility into the varied demographics, enabling the design and marketing of products to be tailored to the specific needs of consumers.

Additionally, the system facilitates the tracking of customer behaviours, such as typical timings of purchases. This capability enables you to take actions, for instance sending out reminder emails or app notifications just before a customer’s usual purchasing timeframe. This could include a discount code to encourage brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

Quality control

Quality control within cosmetic manufacturing is a high priority. In case of any issues with an ingredient supplied, you need to be able to easily trace where that ingredient may have been used elsewhere and whether it has already been delivered out to a customer. An ERP solution can provide batch tracking and full traceability of raw materials to finish products making life easier and less stressful.

Moreover, this can help you support any compliance regulations you need to have in place, making the process, streamlined and stress-free.


An ERP system is also able to integrate with other business systems such as e-commerce platforms, helping to create a seamless and connected business environment.

As cosmetics companies continue to grow, ERP systems can scale to accommodate increased data, number of users, transactions and additional development too, if required to support your process changes.

Written by Winman – regular exhibitor at our itSHOWCASE events

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