Avanti Hygiene drives online sales with OGL Software

Bristol-based Avanti Hygiene has implemented a new e-commerce website as part of expansion plans and to meet growing online sales

The multi-million pound turnover family-run business initially started as a commercial cleaning business in 1980. Since 2004, it has become a specialist wholesaler of hygiene, catering and workplace supplies to customers across the UK from a number of sectors, including: care and healthcare, the food industry, hospitality and leisure, commercial, facilities management, industrial and manufacturing, and education sectors. Avanti Hygiene also works with local authorities.

One of the most popular products sold by Avanti Hygiene at the moment is hand sanitiser and this demand is reflected in the global hand sanitiser market size, which is projected to reach USD 1.96 billion by 2026, from $1.22 billion in 2018.

Integrated website

As part of its expansion, Avanti Hygiene planned to create an e-commerce website to attract new business and provide existing customers another route to purchasing supplies. Avanti Hygiene turned to its technology partner, OGL Computer, for a solution that would seamlessly integrate a new website and their IT systems .

OGL Computer recommended their integrated CRM, accounts and purchasing ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, prof.ITplus, which combines data from all sales channels into one platform. While the website offers customers an online portal, providing access to their accounts, Avanti Hygiene can also analyse previous sales orders quickly and automatically apply special pricing for customers.

Reduced duplication

Avanti Hygiene’s Director, Rachel Connor, comments: “We’re already seeing the benefits of the e-commerce site with many customers now ordering online. Our site is also being found by potential new customers too and we’re seeing new business. We love that the orders placed on the website pull straight through to prof.ITplus to avoid re-keying orders. We also love that I can update pricing in one place on the system and it updates pricing on the website, it saves the duplication of effort so time can be spent on other activities within the business.


“We were also doing quotes in Excel which was time consuming. The processes are now so quick and easy so we can turn quotes around much more rapidly which means more new customers! OGL Software’s reporting helps us to track leakage and spot if customers’ usage drops. We even have a report set up to land in our inbox at a designated time highlighting the areas that need our attention. The dashboard means the info is always available, without us having to run reports. We think the system will help us to achieve our growth targets and it has the flexibility to grow with our business.”

Streamlined processes

For Avanti Hygiene, manual processes causing inefficiencies are no longer a concern. By implementing OGL Computer’s prof.ITplus software solution with its new e-commerce site, Avanti Hygiene has streamlined its core business processes.

Nick Davies, Head of Software Development at OGL Computer, concluded: “Currently more distributors are coming to us wanting to improve or even set up e-commerce stores. Our e-commerce team is very busy. Demand for hygiene products has gone through the roof, and with its new website and ERP system in place, Avanti Hygiene is in a prime position to stay ahead of their competition. Now, the entire team can easily increase sales without any additional administration costs. With visibility and control over its entire business, Avanti Hygiene will remain competitive, which should future-proof its continued growth and online sales success.”


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