Almost half of UK consumers fail to redeem loyalty card benefits 

sage 50 construction improvesUK loyalty card app, Fidel, recently commissioned a survey to gain insight into consumer shopping habits, conducted by independent survey company Censuswide. The findings were surprising, with one statistic showing that over 43% of UK consumers fail to redeem loyalty card benefits on at least one of their cards.

The survey asked 1,000 people about the different ways they use and manage their loyalty cards and whether they redeem their points regularly or not at all. Over 94% of UK consumers own at least 1 loyalty card, with women on average having 4-5 in their purses and men having an average of 2-3 in their wallets. Interestingly, over 29% of young consumers aged between 16-24 agree with the statement ‘I often forget to use my loyalty cards’, compared to just 16% of over 55’s, when asked the same question.

Furthermore, the survey uncovered that Edinburgh has the most loyal consumers with a massive 81% of loyalty card holders redeeming their points for every single card they own. In Bristol however, the consumers appear to be the most forgetful, with over 57% of them not reaping the rewards on at least one of their loyalty cards. In the UK capital, London, 1 in 3 loyalty cards go unused.

Founder of Fidel, Dev Subrata, states: “Loyalty, as it works today, is highly inefficient. The results of this survey is a clear reflection of that. As a customer, you shouldn’t need to carry a wallet full of cards,  or even have to remember scanning the card at the point of purchase. On top of that, having to cut-out paper vouchers and fumble with it in order to redeem rewards is just not a user-friendly process. With the technology available to us today, this can all happen automatically. Loyalty  shouldn’t be a burden, it should be a rewarding experience. It should enhance the shopping experience rather than constrict it.

“That is exactly the change that Fidel has set out to bring. In fact, we want to remove the physical process of collecting loyalty points and redeeming rewards all together. We are working with our partners to bring a unique zero-interaction experience, making customer loyalty totally effortless and truly rewarding – just as it’s supposed to be.”

Fidel is a new app which allows the user to store and manage loyalty cards from your favourite shops in your pocket (with over 40 brands signed up across London). Currently engaged in a successful crowdfunding stage, the app is planning the expansion of its brand database to cover brands across the whole of the UK.

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