Access Supply Chain is startup Flow’s first choice for business

Advanced-business-solutions-launches-SCM-300x225Energy technology startup Flow has invested in supply chain solutions from Access Group. Flow came to market in 2013 and has since acquired 50,000 home energy accounts and is launching its revolutionary electricity-generating domestic boiler later this year. Flow Products, the part of Flow responsible for the development of the Flow boiler, has selected Access SupplyChain (ASC) to manage their supply chain processes whilst accommodating and contributing to Flow’s significant growth.

Graham Pinder, Group Purchasing Manager, Flow Products explained: “We are a start-up company and we needed an agile system that could account for our needs, whilst supporting our growth. As a new company we needed a long term solution that would support future growth.”

He continues: “Our business model changed very early on; we’re now outsourcing a lot of the manufacturing. This is where we need ASC, to be conscious of costing and reporting. We need the transparency that ASC provides.

“We became familiar with ASC in a previous organisation where we understood it could future proof a new company. As users of its familiar and functional interface we also understood that its flexibility and simplicity could be easily picked up by new users.

“Our main plans for the implementation of ASC will be, costing, billing and reporting of materials. This will be critical for us as we need the ability to drill down on data and provide regular reports. Being able to monitor costs will aid profitability whilst delivering impeccable services to and from everyone in our supply chain.

“With ASC we’ve also acquired financial modules. Originally our financials were managed with spreadsheets; now with ASC’s finance module we can integrate, automate and consolidate our data – this provides us with the ability to drill down on information and create cost reports.

“After the implementation we’ll be looking into further Access solutions we can bolt on such as Access Service Manager and the Access’s personnel module to assist our further successful growth and development.”

Ian Roper, SCS Divisional Director, Access Group, comments: “Flow Products has chosen to work with Access because we can provide them with a solution that’s a perfect fit for their organisation – ASC’s scalability has the ability to offer additional modules and solutions such as finances & personnel, which can integrate into their existing ASC product. Access prides itself on its ability to grow and develop with customers, being able to provide a solution for the demand. This is something we’re very much looking forward to with Flow Products.”

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