A Perry asks OrderWise to provide platform perfection

Infor SCE 102 adds mobilityWhen it came to getting a new website designed and developed, manufacture and distribution firm A Perry knew they could count on OrderWise.

Business Management Software experts OrderWise met this challenge head on, designing and developing a responsive website for the Ironmongery and Threaded Bar company that integrated seamlessly with the back end platform OrderWise had already provided.

Guy Perry, Director at A Perry, said: “Being an existing OrderWise customer and having been impressed by their e-commerce and ordering offerings we already have in place, our first thought when it came to creating a new website and connecting it to the ordering and stock back end was to give them a call.”

“What has impressed A Perry most” says Guy, “is the versatility and seamless integration offered by linking the two systems.”

Guy added: “The website is very flexible, meaning we can control everything from the OrderWise database. We can enter information with regards to stock and that is instantly reflected on the website.”

“We recently went live with around 200 of our customers as a beta test and we’ve had excellent feedback with how it looks and flows. The product options element is what has impressed us most, with customers able to see what it is they are ordering more clearly.”

Jon Roberts, Marketing Manager at OrderWise, explained the advantages of using one provider to perform both website and back end duties, particularly on a large scale like A Perry: “When businesses look at website providers, they often forget to think about how effectively their website will link with the back-end system that controls their entire operation,” he said.

“We provided A Perry with their business management software so naturally when they said they needed a new website, it made sense for them to come to us because we had a detailed understanding of their business operations.”

OrderWise has created its website platform using its vast experience of integrating hundreds of customers with over 50 different e-commerce platforms, understanding the limitations of each when it comes to achieving comprehensive back-end integration and management of complex data.

The result is each OrderWise commerce website ensures that companies benefit from greater efficiency by having both front and back-end systems working together.

Jon continued: “We didn’t just want to provide A Perry with a website to take orders and seamlessly integrate these back through to OrderWise; websites these days need to provide customers with richer information in order to help maximise sales and promote returned custom.

“Through delivering a responsive design and offering greater control over customer accounts, A Perry’s and all OrderWise commerce websites are built to make managing daily processes that much easier.”

Jon added: “When dealing with our customers we kept running into clients contacting us with issues which most often were caused by their web provider. Solving support issues with websites for them was becoming more complicated as they were getting caught in the middle of a back and forth that meant having to contact multiple suppliers when something goes wrong.”

“By having our own experienced in-house website and e-commerce team, we can design and develop fully responsive, professional websites. This allows customers to reap the benefits of a seamlessly integrated system with only one supplier needed to be called when they have an issue.”


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